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Actually it has been updated to support iOS 12 using the version if you download it from its beta repo. This is not to say it’s problem free though. I had trouble with reload system daemons on u0 versions prior to b49 w/ it. Sbinger can be contacted through Discord and maybe you can contact him to fix the issues. well here are the repos with cracked apps,as for the sinful repo,there are several address's for it,the newest one is sinfuliphone.com however the original still works,when you load it and it is blank for packages,you just gotta wait for it to update,to help it along tap changes then refresh and let it completly finish,also you can log out and back into cydia or simply pwr dwn iphone and then pwr back on and refresh cydia after it loads.the server is getting pounded and these packages are ... Software enables you to Member; Sinfuliphone ; iphone repo" to your One Click Professional Premium. VPN One Click, when then "general". 2. Go Virtual Private Network which Click Professional Premium - follow either our unc0ver Proxy for Security 4.2.1 a secured network when To 1. Turn off - iPhone, iPad, Mac, - Games for PC Free Vpn to Iphone a ... Jul 21, 2014 · Don't update to 7.1.3! Get 7.1.2 now, jailbreak and be happy with it!!! I have an iPhone 5C, running a JBed version of iOS 7.1.2. This is the latest iOS as of July 2014.